About us

Our Objectives:

We at Exelaos are passionate, small group of environmentalist. We developed “Plant based extracts” to reduced serious environmental damage. Our major focus for Aquaculture is eradicating “White Spot Syndrome” and other aquatic viruses using our flagship product AV 81.

Our Values:

We have a saying at Exelaos ” Clean Water Should be for all. It is the right for everyone to have access to clean water. For food to be free of contamination.” For corporation to abide by being ” Green” and acting responsible using our Plant Based non-chemical formulas.

Vision & Mission

Our mission to built Exelaos ’s foundation on strong commitments to help protecting mother nature and the environment, which distinguish us and guide our actions. Our strong believe “mother nature is a source of life not a resource and water is the most precious source, life’s matter, matrix, mother and medium” makes us to thrive for idiosyncratic innovation that can help support the sustainability of nature and protect the environment and benefit the communities where we work. Our reason for being is to build the unrivaled products and endeavour to become the first name in industrial ecology, a corporation that cherish nature and help to restores the environment.

Our Products

  • AV 81 – Strong Antibacterial & Virus Neutralizer for Aquaculture industries
  • CW 27 – Antibacterial Flocculant & Coagulant
  • KS 27 – Strong Descaling & Sludge Separator – Very good for commercial boilers
  • DCL 17 – PH Booster
  • RM 27 – Algae Remover
  • BK 36 – This is natural disinfectant that eliminates any kind of Algae,Bacterial growth, bad odor from waste water
  • SPC 09 -This is the most advanced and effective disinfectant to replace Chlorine used in swimming pool. It has zero side effects.
  • CW 45S – Developed to be extra strong bactericide to neutralize very strong bacterium and virus present in waste water.It can almost neutralize any type of E. coli and bacterium stains. ( very effective for slaughter houses)
  • KR 675 – COD Reducer for waste water
  • BK 90 + RP 27 – very high strength COD reducer. treat above.
  • ECA 27 – Flocculant and dye discharging reagent for Textile Industries.very effective in Reactive Dyes.
  • ECT 54 – Flocculant for disperse Textile dye or Synthetic Dye.